DayZDB's goal is to be the best source of information about DayZ available. We work to achieve this through both high quality original content and enabling user submitted content. Behind it all is a desire to make DayZDB the best it can be.


DayZDB was launched June 18, 2012 with a single feature: the best map the DayZ community had seen. Less than three weeks later, it was expanded to be a full fledged database, dedicated to being a one-stop resource for anything a DayZ player of any skill level might need to know.

The Team

Alayton (alayton) <Site Director & Lead Developer>

Alayton has been working on various projects for the ZAM Network for five years now. He's worked on various aspects of Wowhead, Torhead, and most recently, LolKing.

Alayton has been programming in various languages for 15 years, and recently completed a degree in software engineering. More importantly than that, Alayton is a gamer, and can regularly be found playing League of Legends and, of course, DayZ.

Twitter: kittenses

Shelbi (Lilith) <Web Designer>

Shelbi is Wowhead's resident web designer and is in charge of making things look pretty. She comes to Wowhead with over thirteen years of experience designing and coding sweet-looking websites.

Shelbi is a former writer of the World of WarCrafts column on WoWInsider, a recreational co-author of The Bronze Kettle, founder of LFG: BlizzCon and has been featured in the book, World of Geekcraft, by Susan Beal and the World of Warcraft Magazine.