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8Rnd. Pellets

8 rounds of buckshot, used in the M1014 or Remington 870 (Flashlight). Each round contains 8 pellets that scatter when fired, each dealing 2000 damage. They travel as far as the slugs, but past 40m, the pellets have spread too much to be a reliable source of damage. You cannot merge depleted piles, and you cannot use the 8 round magazine in the Double-barreled Shotgun. However, they can be converted into 4 2Rnd. Pellets by right clicking them and choosing the split option.

If given the choice between pellets or 8Rnd. Slugs, slugs are always the better choice. Pellets are ineffective past 40m, putting the player at a significant disadvantage in many engagements. However, at closer ranges, like the insides of buildings, pellets can be used to get multiple kills or headshots with a single shot.

By Junos on 2012/08/03 at 1:26am

2000 * 8 = 16000. That's enough to kill a player in one shot at close range.

I think the "Damage" line should say "2000 * 8" to make it clear that each shot has the potential to do that much damage.

By itsDietz on 2012/09/18 at 10:47am

Pellets are actually ALWAYS the preferred choice. ONE out of the however so many pellets gets a headshot and zombies and players are down in one hit. Just something for you to think about.

By ketchup504 on 2012/12/08 at 6:22am

Ideal for shooting the legs or heads of a crowd of zombies following you indoors. Oftentimes, 2 to 4 can be brought down in one shot.

By Bloodl1ke on 2012/08/14 at 1:04am

Awesome for clearing up buildings of survivors or for close range town control. Nothing like unloading 2-3 shots in the general direction of the target and seeing a whole fountain of blood pouring out of his dead body. Though once you get further then 20-30 meters you're better off with slugs.

By Techercizer on 2012/07/10 at 10:57am

Okay for close zombie crowds, but not much else. Go with slugs if you have a choice; the only way you'll be taking down a player with these is if your barrel is in his nose, and the only way you'll kill a zombie a hundred meters out is if you throw it at him.

Edited by Techercizer on 2012/07/10


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