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The ALICE Pack is a commonly found 16 slot backpack. A player's best friend in DayZ, it is much easier to find than the Backpack (coyote). In fact, it's one of the most common backpacks in Chernarus. In addition to being able to hold medical supplies, ammunition, or any other equipment, it can also hold up to two weapons. It spawns in residential and supermarket loot spawns.

Important notes:

  • Picking up a new backpack can cause your existing backpack to disappear rather than being properly dropped on the ground, losing all of the items that were in it. Drop your current backpack first, then pick up the new backpack and loot the contents of the old one.
  • Attempting to place a large item in any storage space (including a backpack) that does not have enough free slots can result in the item being destroyed. In the most common case of storing a primary weapon in a backpack, make sure at least 10 slots are free.
By BLUELEADR on 2012/10/06 at 7:02am

i always open the bag on the ground, put my stuff in it, then pick it up. my old pack almost always disappears.

By Ethan-G on 2012/07/13 at 12:35am

Ah yes- the ALICE Pack. A players best friend in dayz, it is much easier to find than the coyote back-pack. The ALICE Pack fits 20 items in it easily- which for those of you bandits who like having two primary weapons that take up ten slots, this pack is great for you. It also serves the everyday survivor well, wether it need to hold medical supplies, extra ammo, or anything in between. This pack can be found in residential loot spawns and deer stands, but is uncommon in dayz. (don't be discouraged, its not THAT hard to find one if you look hard enough) The ALICE Pack is an all around good thing for anyone in dayz to have in his/her possesion, and it doesn't look half bad either!

Edited by Ethan-G on 2012/07/13
By darkshark6 on 2012/07/30 at 12:19pm

Just a note from what ive seen; This is the MOST common backpack in Day Z! I have walked into the convenience store in Elektro and found 5 of these!! They are literally Trash loot in my opinion, Well actuality More of a spam loot because i see these every time i play in all sorts of locations. This statement however, Is based purely off of my own experiences and luck, so I assume many player have opposite views. Still all in all its the best pack in the game, Due to: semi high spawn chance, 20 slots and your a lot less likely to be targeted than if you had a coyote backpack (not the patrol, the Backpack Coyote) .

By AceXprt on 2012/08/07 at 2:07pm

Im always finding these at the market in Cherno.. not very rare in my opinion.

By T3chn0The0ry on 2013/03/19 at 8:02am

The ALICE had a good run, but it's recently been nerfed and outshone by the larger-by-two-slots and frankly better looking British Assault pack. Not to mention the Czech Backpack is now basically a Coyote Backpack clone due to the fact both have the same percentage of spawning and the same amount of slots. Except the Czech is Camo so it's best :3

By Thaua on 2012/07/30 at 5:22pm

I've seen a video where this guy's ALICE backpack had and AK-74 and other 13 items (that I could count). How? cheaters, cheaters everywhere (if you explore a game glitch, then you're a cheater too!). On his inventory, where it says how many items fit, it had written ALICE backpack -8/20 items.


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