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Car Wheel

Car Wheels are used to repair vehicles found in the game. Commonly found in industrial loot spawns, car wheels are fairly common. When approaching a vehicle with a broken wheel, choose the repair car wheel option from the mouse wheel menu. Carrying a wheel uses 6 inventory slots.

Before repairing a vehicle it is generally a good idea to determine which wheels are visually broken. The repair menu frequently lists more wheels than are actually on the car, and repairing the fake ones has no effect except consuming the wheel. Spotting a fake wheel in the menu is relatively easy: They are inconsistent with the rest of the entries, and/or are illogical given the vehicle at hand. For example, 'Center right wheel' on a four wheeled car should be left alone even if written with red font.

By MipitTheTroll on 2012/07/19 at 8:20am

Russian efficiency has developed a car wheel that will work with any vehicle. Commonly found in industrial sites and gas stations.

By IonPixel on 2012/07/20 at 12:24pm

Those wheels fuel the Communist agenda. :)

By droidcommando on 2012/12/15 at 2:58pm

somehow you use these to replace bike wheels. Seems legit

By bassking31 on 2013/01/01 at 1:06pm

I love it how you replace broken bike tires with huge-ass car wheels.


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