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Cooked Meat

Cooked meat is made by using a Fireplace or a lit oil barrel to cook Raw Meat. Raw meat can be looted from a gutted animal. Gutting an animal requires a Hunting Knife, and is done by choosing the "Gut Animal" option from the mouse wheel menu of the animal's corpse. All raw meat in your inventory is cooked at once. Cooked meat restores your hunger as well as replenishing 800 blood, compared to canned food only replenishing 200 blood.

  • Rabbit: 2 meat
  • Chicken: 2 meat
  • Goat: 4 meat
  • Boar: 4 meat
  • Sheep: 4 meat
  • Cow: 6 meat

By Demoarlized on 2012/07/18 at 3:30pm

Cooked Meat is the product of Raw Meat which is gathered by Gutting Animals that are in the game such as Cows, Goats, Pigs and Rabbits. In order to Gut an Animal you must have a Hunting Knife, each animal will produce a different amount of Raw Meat. In order to cook the Raw Meat you must have a Fire, you can find Fires in some buildings or by making your own. To make your own fire you need Matches and Wood, Wood is gathered by Harvesting Trees with an Axe. After you have either found a Fire or made one your self you can Mouse Scroll over the fire to see the option to Cook Meat, it will only cook the meat in your Primary Inventory and will Cook all of it at once. The Cooked Meat will reset your Hunger Meter and as a bonus the Cooked Meat gives back some Blood to your BP Pool.

By AceXprt on 2012/08/07 at 2:11pm

This stuff is life saving!! i somtimes just hunt in DayZ. its quite peaceful no zombies no players. just you and the wilderness. ill do this for hours.

By scoob1988 on 2012/07/18 at 11:28pm

800 blood for cooked meat from any animal. Canned food only gives you 200 blood.

By NightStalker on 2012/11/02 at 4:17am

If you're like me - a lone wolf who avoids other players - cooking meat is vital to your survival. Find a hunting knife, hatchet, and matches as soon as possible (in the absence of matches, note the location of oil barrels that you can use to cook with). After I take damage from looting or firefights, I immediately run into the wilderness and hunt. Finding a large animal and cooking the meat from it can easily restore several thousand blood. Dont know what i'd do without it.

Edit: Only the hunting knife is absolutely necessary - you can find wood piles in barns and residential areas, but you would need something else to kill the animals (gun or crowbar). The hatchet and matches just make it ten times easier and safer.

Edited by NightStalker on 2012/11/02
By taggme on 2012/07/22 at 5:29pm

IF you are lucky enough to be traveling in a group of people, when you find an animal and kill it. Each person with a knife can gut their own spawn of meat (8 meat per person per cow.. so one cow can = 24 meat if your in a group of 3 and have knives...) but to get it to work, you have to all click 'gut' at the same time.

NOTE: this might/probably be patched out in the future, but you never know.

By cody-1993- on 2013/02/03 at 10:49pm

can you shoot down the birds that fly around. i have seen them in a lot of vids but no one ever tries? would probably need to use a shotgun.

By GaTu on 2013/01/19 at 8:11am

Looks like you can't actually put cooked meat into a tent. I tried it twice and i lost the stuff. Beware. Hope they fix that.


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