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M1911 Mag.

M1911 magazines are used by the M1911 and contain 7 rounds.

M1911 magazines can be found in most loot locations, as well as on civilian and policeman zombies.

In version 1.7.1, it became possible to convert .45 ACP Revolver ammo to M1911 magazines. This conversion effectively doubles the availability of ammo for a M1911.

By Geoff1126 on 2012/09/12 at 3:45am

M1911 Feed system 7-round standard detachable box magazine. it is 7-round.

By Thaua on 2012/07/28 at 7:12am

It holds 8 rounds in real life. Look at the holes in the side.

Would be just plain awesome to have a bandolier to hold individual rounds. Of course, that goes right into the engine of the game to be implemented.

@edit: done some research and the original M1911 magazine carried seven rounds. Well, This one still has 8 holes!

Edited by Thaua on 2012/07/29


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