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By TheLoneWanderer on 2013/03/02 at 9:31am

Just a question, has anyone ever found one of these? I've been looking for a solid week and nothing. I've found like 10 CZs, but no Machete.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback guys. That's a huge let down but I hope it does get added back in. Oh well. Back to my trusted hatchet and M1911 combo.

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By Pwningpros on 2013/06/15 at 3:01am

Machete Kills

By BDUDE360 on 2013/06/12 at 11:38pm

First time i found one of these i went on a 6 kill streak... everyone was like wow u have a Machete than i kill them... oh if u are wondering i found it in a barn at stary.

By Mystogan on 2013/03/14 at 9:06pm

Found one in a deer stand near Rogovo

By Cydran on 2013/03/07 at 9:16am

I remember seeing a video by RhinoCRUNCH on YouTube where he held a King of the Hill event in Cherno. All the contestants were holding Machetes, and they all seemed to work fine. Other than that, this would be a wonderful addition to the melee weapons that players can use.

By Vision on 2013/03/05 at 12:43am

I think it's still bugged. I got into a server that spawned me with one, and it didn't work. It didn't attack and when I dropped it, it disappeared. I think Rocket took it out of loot spawns so players don't get confused. Probably will be fixed with the next patch.

By MargoticCRO on 2013/09/09 at 12:20pm

as of the 1.7.7 update they are easy to find in barns

By Creedo on 2013/07/30 at 6:34pm

I've found a few of them already. 1 hit kill VS zeds. Best CQC stealth weapon in the game!

By Maxthe222 on 2013/07/28 at 7:21pm

You think that thats a spoon? THIS IS A REAL SPOON!

By killmazombie on 2013/06/17 at 10:33am

gosh dont wnna mess wit dat! now would ya?

By NerosShadow on 2013/06/17 at 2:10am

They redid them in this new version, they really kick ass vs zombies and players. Need a sheathe or something though so you can carry it and a primary gun, also they are still pretty rare, but i found one on my first go at 1.7.7 so they arent imposssible to find......though i have never found a cz before so its still all chance

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By stv on 2013/04/22 at 9:04am

I just found one of them in a deerstand. Had to look it up here, before i dared to actually pick it up .... never heard about it before, never saw literally anybody with it before. Works fine though ... mabe i go to the beach and scare some ppl with it :D

By droidcommando on 2013/02/26 at 5:54pm

pretty much a badass hatchet, minus the woodcutting. I've been waiting along time for this. And anyway if they are gonna add this in with the hatchet already in the game they should make this a secondary

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By alexojm on 2013/03/04 at 5:07am

I have never found one of these and I have been looking since the day it was put in game. They are way to rare right now.

I have yet to find anybody that can show proof that they have one.

I do not understand why they are so rare anyway from what I can tell it is a hatchet minus the ability to harvest wood so other than looks if anything it is a downgrade meaning it should be more common than the hatchet.


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