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The revolver is a .45 caliber pistol with a 6 round magazine. It can be found in residential buildings and supermarkets. It's the third most common pistol behind the M1911 and Makarov PM, being approximately two-thirds as common as the M1911.

In version 1.7.1, it become possible to convert M1911 Mag. to .45 ACP, effectively doubling the availability of ammo for the revolver.

ArmA2 1.62 drastically reduced the damage done by the revolver. Before the update, it was able to kill zombies with one shot; after, it now takes 4 body shots.

By Thorgold on 2012/07/07 at 2:58pm

I prefer the revolver to the M1911. Both do the same (practical) damage of one shot per zed, but the revolver's iron sights are FAR superior. The m1911 is only practical for ranges under 50m due to its clunky sights, the revolver can be used to the fullest of its 100m effective range.

The real distinction between the two is RoF. For those of you using your sidearm as a PDW to complement a low RoF primary (sniper rifles and such), the M1911 is your choice due to its true semi-auto action. The revolver is much better against zeds, though, because of aforementioned accuracy. The loss of one bullet per mag is neglible.

Edited by Thorgold on 2012/07/12
By Renoh on 2012/07/09 at 5:10am

I would recommend this gun over the M1911 for two reasons: 1. The actual noise the gun makes (as heard by the player) is quieter and travels less than the M1911. The zombie aggro range is the same at 59.4m. 2. The ironsights on the revolver are a lot more accurate and easier to use than the M1911's. However, keep in mind that the revolver has one less bullet per magazine than the 1911.

By bLackshark on 2012/11/29 at 1:50am

I think this gun's damage is totally wrong when you compare it to the real life. Ok maybe its not powerful as 44. magnum but it's pretty powerful than a glock. They just misleaded the real values because of the weapon can be found very easily and that damaged the reality of this game a bit.

By Deondara on 2012/08/12 at 8:11am

To Thaua, the revolver is a Smith & Wesson Model 625. It has a 6-round cylinder firing .45 ACP, which only comes in one style, as .45 ACP is made for the automatic Colt pistol, otherwise known as the 1911. And the 1911 comes in varying standard magazine lengths. There's tales of 1911's made for Army officers with only 5 round magazines, while the most common are 7 or 8 round magazines, depending on who manufactured that specific 1911.

By Parched on 2012/07/26 at 5:07pm

With the damage nerfed on this gun, the only redeeming quality the Revolver still has is its range.Without the capability to one-shot zombies, chances are you're going to be getting hit even if there's only a single zombie

By tonybadia on 2012/07/21 at 12:19am

As said by Renoh, this revolver's noise level is quite low with little to no zombie aggro with decently spread zombies. The revolver paired with the m24 makes an excellent combo (spawned for me in Zenogorsk supermarket).

By SHOWTIME on 2012/07/15 at 9:59pm

This is my go-to weapon for zombie slaying: It's quiet, accurate, ammo is easy to find, and it can one-shot zombies wherever it hits.

You'll be glad you kept this one at your side.

By tonez on 2012/07/06 at 11:58pm

Love this gun, like its been describe 1shot anywhere in the body and the zombie dies! love it not to mention converting the ammo is great!

By BDUDE360 on 2013/06/12 at 11:13pm

ok why does the graph say that the base damage is 4500... that is a one shot kill on zombies, right now i dont know what it is so i cant change it but PLEASE FIX

edit:sorry didnt read about them reverting damage back to one shot kill. give me a + if ur happy about it :D

Edited by BDUDE360 on 2013/06/12
By Maxthe222 on 2013/06/12 at 9:55pm

I love how all the comments below look wrong and stupid now (No offence guys/gals, just looks funny! :3)

By jus96 on 2012/12/11 at 4:31am

Useless, after the damage patch: Too slow shooting, (before the patch this didnt matter) and too loud. even a makarov is better (against zombies). I only use the secondary weapon against Zombies!

Edited by jus96 on 2012/12/11
By jokerzhe on 2012/09/02 at 10:49am

I was in the food mart with my friend and had a revolver, a person came in behind me with an AKM and started shooting at me, he missed a bunch but hit me once, THEN I turned around while he was reloading LOL and killed him with the revolver, me and my friend were PISSING our pants..

By Softfox on 2012/08/02 at 8:00am

i am going to try to find this as my first weapon but really i guess anything will do at the start wags tail

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 7:55pm

Great little revolver! Nice damage against ZedHeads but I wouldn't use it on a survivor simply because I roll with my MK 48 Mod 0

By Thaua on 2012/07/28 at 7:10am

Why make revolver ammo convertible to M1911 ammo (there are .45acp rimless revolvers)? 1 bullet pop out of nowhere? Besides, the m1911 mag holds 8 rounds.

edit: i've been searching around for which gun this is. It seems to be a Taurus Tracker .45 ACP, the design matches, the ammo matches, but it actually holds 5 rounds on the drum. Well, the M1911 should hold 8 rounds.

Anybody have an idea wich gun this is? Just curious.

Edited by Thaua on 2012/07/28
By Zurruck on 2012/07/26 at 6:03pm

and head shot still killing a zombie or need more than 1 shot en the head? any gun should kill anybody in the head


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