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Road Flare

Road flares are an extremely bright light source that can be found all over the map. Road flares can attract zombies from large distances. Players can also see the light from a flare from far away. When used carefully, they can be used to distract both survivors and zombies.

An additional use for road flares is countering players using NV Goggles. Any source of bright light can temporarily blind someone using night vision goggles. Since road flares are so bright, they can instantly blind any night vision user, with the effect persisting even after the NV Goggles are taken off.

Crafting recipes

Bear Trap (Flare) Tripwire (Flare)
By MipitTheTroll on 2012/07/19 at 8:30am

Used to scare the crap out of people in cities, and to distract snipers by getting them all hot and bothered.

By Complex on 2012/07/30 at 7:30pm

Funny to make an arrow out in a field at night and see if anyone follows it!

By Mathias on 2012/08/09 at 1:55pm

Place 4 of those flare├'┬┤s at night on the entrance of a small town or any other small place to loot --- wait and count the Z├'┬┤s then go in the town like a sunday morning shoping --- i love it --- dont forget to trow some more before u go in the town the give u 5 min i think

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/25 at 11:40pm



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