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Satchel Charge

Satchel Charges are rare deployable explosives. They can be placed via the action menu, and either set on a timer after placement or detonated remotely with the action menu. Disarming a satchel charge not only removes the item from the ground, but places it in your inventory as well. Satchel charges require two item slots. When placed, they resemble a standard green item on the ground, but standing up instead of on its side.

Their extreme destructive power and easy detonation makes them excellent for trapping and destroying buildings, following up the explosion with a deadly collapse for any unsuspecting survivors inside.

As of, satchel charge explosions may periodically reoccur at the site of a blast, killing any nearby players and making approach highly dangerous. It is unknown what causes this.

By Deathknight117 on 2012/10/07 at 5:32pm

FUCK YOU KAMENKA was the words me and my mate used over teamspeak when we found 10 of these and blew up the worst town on the map

By thewinged7 on 2012/07/31 at 6:24pm

bloody hell, just got killed in the middle of nowhere by one of these a few minutes ago >< i was wondering why that bag looked funny

By Elitegunsman on 2012/11/27 at 7:50am

Hahaha..... I was in the airport radio tower and two other bandits were shooting at me from the lower floor, not to mention there were like 10 zombies rushing in the door every 20 seconds, anyways I was injured and bleeding out and happened to have one of these babies and suicide bombed everyone and destroyed the tower

By catov123 on 2013/02/25 at 4:42pm

I found one of these and thought to myself I'll keep it for a rainy day. Because I've seen the destructive power of this first hand when i saw half my squad blown away by one that a notorious bandit on our serve had placed. And I had this thing in my backpack for 3 months just waiting, then it happened the son of a bitch struck again, sniping from the ATC at the NWAF while my squad kept him distracted I sneaked into the ATC from the rear planted the charged and watched him burn. It was so satisfying.

By biscuitsakimbo on 2012/09/07 at 4:01am

TIL there's a rabbit on the satchel charge

By nuclearfun on 2013/07/05 at 4:44pm

Yes, but kills is very important and exciting part of the game.

By OHKBorg on 2013/04/08 at 5:08pm

Hilarious to place on a road and wait for a car to drive over. 150 meter detonation radius + instant explosion it's a valuable thing to get some easy high end bandit squad's gear.

By AOS824 on 2013/03/30 at 5:01am

ok here's a trick i did . get 3-6 of these and set them in one spot on the ground and in the night use a road flare to attract zombies and people to them and remote detonate them . it hilarious to watch them die lol!!!!!!!!!

By thiagoxxxx on 2013/01/04 at 7:33am

Nice rabbit!

By sainz on 2012/10/30 at 6:27pm

Satchel Charge is kinda rare, if u see someone carrying more than 5 of those its propably survived sooooo long and hacked.

By BigJ on 2012/09/23 at 4:02pm

How far away can you be to set this off? Can it be placed in vehicles or on the side of a building like in BF2 or is it always on the ground?

By mukaluk on 2012/09/02 at 4:49am

didnt know this was in the game

By Bio on 2012/08/23 at 6:39am

Just Got 10 of these, found them in a tent.

I ventured to the heli spawn on the Island, and when i get there i see 2 people in ghillie suits, but they don't see me in my starter gear. so i sneak closer. i wait about 5 minutes. I need Pain killers. but then the time has come both of them are side by side at this tent, I open fire with my FN FAL. I hit one, and both Disconnect, So then i run to the tent grab the Satchel Charges, run around to the front of the house. I see the heli is Fully Repaired, just a little low on gas. but i take it anyways.

By Beiez on 2012/08/22 at 6:12am

A friend and me found a chopper at Nw Airfield. After 30 minutes of controlling the area and trying to spot enemies we've gone looting... It doesnt took more than a a minute of looting, then we blowed up...It looks really useful for Bandits....

By Teskuz on 2012/08/11 at 12:28pm

I have to say that this is extreme!

I managed to get my hands on one of thoose a few days ago, kept it until i spotted 2 guys running through NW Airfield, I placed it in the firestation at 2nd floor, waiting until they both head down.. AND BOOM! 2 easy kills and I didn't have to worry about any zombies, managed to pick another kill right after because someone else heard the explosion and ran there..

Can't wait to find another one!

By CrabNipples on 2012/08/08 at 8:55am

Just killed a sniper in cherno, holding a AS50 and a few of these. They are so much fun! Placed a few on high populated server on famous sniper spots and it works out quite well!


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