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Warm Clothes

Winter themed camouflage that can be found in Namalsk that negates the temperature loss in higher altitudes. There is also a glitch that causes Warm Clothes to be changed to Civilian Clothing if the player logs out while wearing Warm Clothes. This can be avoided if the player changes to a different set of clothing, such as Civilian Clothing.

By Hisoka on 2012/11/24 at 6:13am

No longer bugs out when logging out

By droidcommando on 2012/12/24 at 8:36am

found two of these and a pkm at the c130 plane crash near Norinsk and soon found a buddy to share the spare warm clothes with. The white one seems to make you look like a clone trooper from star wars, thus being obvious unless in the small snowy parts of the map and the brownish-green one seems to be much more valuable to me because its much more camouflaged in the bush and ground. also there is a pouch and two canteens on your back when you equip this, it would be useful if you could use it as a storage area.

By jombe258 on 2012/11/18 at 7:45am

found in military values and heli crash sites that are fixed up on mountains/hills.

By Vance on 2012/10/24 at 11:16am

Since the map is cold, this piece of clothing allows you to keep warm, so you can avoid making fires and using up heatpacks. Once you log out, then log in, you will lose the warm clothes and it will be replaced with normal Civilian clothing. Be sure to switch them out before logging off.

By -YLH-Tlomz on 2013/09/04 at 5:53pm

It is extremely rare. At least from my experience. Try looking in the least looted places in the map like object A1 not A2..

By VIPkiller17 on 2013/01/27 at 12:18am

@xplosivcat they only spawn in namalsk because you dont need them to live in chernarus

By xplosivcat on 2013/01/27 at 12:05am

Are these available in Chernanus or only in Namalsk?

By Have-a-nice-DayZ on 2012/11/14 at 4:11am

It is very helpful but its very hard to get, they should increase the rate of getting it.

Edited by Have-a-nice-DayZ on 2012/11/14


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