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Winchester 1866

The Winchester 1866 is the loudest shotgun in the DayZ, and also the weakest. It makes up for this with its high magazine size, and the fact it's ammo is incredibly easy to find.

The Winchester is possibly one of the first weapons most new survivors will come across, due partially to the fact it's incredibly common, and also due to the fact it has a high spawn chance in any residential structures.

Despite its firepower (or lack thereof), the Winchester 1866 holds 15 rounds of 15Rnd. 1866 Slugs. This makes it excellent for raiding cities or small towns, as it can kill zombies with one shot regardless of where it hits due to its high initial damage.

Patch 1.5.8 removed the pellet ammunition type, and also lowered the 1866's raw damage, while also increasing the overall audibility by 25 meters.

By Waldgeist on 2012/07/26 at 12:01am

The Winchester 1866 is NOT a shotgun, it's a lever-action .44-40 rifle. The cartridge is similar to the .44 Magnum, only longer.

By msdosman2004 on 2012/07/25 at 11:04am

Description needs to be updated, it is not the loudest shotgun, and I'd waiver that the audability of the gun is a lot less than 125meters, I can use it to control zombies as I enter towns and it never draws extra mobs. It's the next best thing to a silenced weapon.

Edited by msdosman2004 on 2012/07/25
By SHOWTIME on 2012/07/15 at 9:55pm

Pretty much the best rifle/main arm you can get early in the game. Takes down zombies in one shot, and can take out a survivor in one if you hit them in the head.

Does all that while being quieter than the Lee Enfield by a large amount, albeit a bit less powerful/accurate.

By luxuselg on 2012/07/10 at 5:45am

According to the damage calculations on the main Weapons page, this gun will do about 4,5k blood damage. This means that you will need at least 3 shots to down a survivor, lest you get a headshot.

By PHALANX36000 on 2012/08/23 at 8:59am

This rifle in my opinion is one of the best weapons you can have, its a 1 hit kill to a zombie and 3 to kill a player, also since it is a shot gun it has a 90% chance of knocking the targeted player unconscious giving you an upper hand, i still carry one of these around with despite i have and ak-74 cobra and a G17 , if you find one keep it, trust me. Oh and its not actually a shotgun, its a lever action rifle but since pellets have been removed it basically is a rile

By VanVeen on 2012/09/20 at 2:59am

Note: this is the famous Winchester of The Winchester pub in Shaun of the Dead...

By RageCake on 2012/12/02 at 7:13am

I have been playing DayZ for a while and right now I have found a few shotgun and Military grade guns but I always stay with my Trusty Winchester when things go south. This is a great gun for all players its is get 1 hit kills against zombies and a few mags will keep you alive 3 mags are already 45 deadly slugs. And if lucky you can take out a survivor in one hit and this gun if use right can be deadly at a meduim range. I have had serveral good guns m24 m4 variants aks and even a L85A2 with Thermal scope I trust the Winchester more then any other gun out there.

By VanVeen on 2012/10/02 at 10:36am

The gun SOUNDS really quiet, but seems to attract a LOT of zombies. May have changed in a recent patch? I like it a lot--it seems to hit hard--but it's something you have to be careful about.

By killerdude765 on 2012/08/14 at 5:25am

By far, one of my favorite guns.

  1. It's silent.
  2. Ammo isn't hard to find.
  3. It kills zombies (and sometimes people!) in one shot.
  4. Mags are big (15 shots)

Description is wrong, this gun is VERY quiet.

By spunkmeyer on 2012/08/06 at 4:16pm

The guy that wrote that description has obviously never used the 1866 for any length. Best dam zombie gun in the game , it it not loud at all (125m is bogus) ,it's highly accurate and one shot kills. If you play the game to survive against Z's, it's all you need.

By Engineer on 2013/11/04 at 2:28pm

Really this weapon must be compared with sidearms, not be counted as a shotgun. In real it was supplied with pistol ammo with very low muzzle velocity (<< 400 mps). And assigned damage in this game is, of course, only trubute to w├┬żrship of Czech people before their new owners, Americans :o)

By killerlionheart77 on 2013/10/16 at 11:08am

WIsh this gun had more spawn chance in the city more then the farmside:/

By -YLH-Tlomz on 2013/09/04 at 5:58pm

This is a very reliable starter gun. I managed to make it all the up to NWAF with this. I also like the 1 shot knockout too.

By GraduateArc8298 on 2013/05/24 at 10:31pm

Why is this classified as a shotgun this model is a RIFLE not a shotgun.

By StealthAssassin on 2013/05/24 at 8:21am

Best gun for starters!

By Raventi on 2013/05/07 at 9:16am

Those of you saying it's very quiet, yeah go to elektro and fire some shots, see how much zombies come and fuck you up. It SOUNDS quiet but it's pretty loud. AS50 sounds quieter than the M107, but is it really? NOPE

By Gews on 2013/04/25 at 6:51pm

I think this is a good gun for short-range Elektro firefights.

Edited by Gews on 2013/04/25
By Gews on 2013/04/22 at 5:23pm

This gun actually does over 8900 damage at point blank range (check config), although the damage drops off VERY quickly compared to other firearms. Still, within 50 meters it is more powerful than a Lee-Enfield and has a much faster rate of fire. Chews through players at close range. This is a good gun for short ranged firefights.

By Gking19 on 2013/03/24 at 1:17pm

This is probably the quietest gun you could get that doesn't have a silencer on it, and it's a one shot kill for zombies.

By Ghroznak on 2013/02/10 at 8:51am

Winchester is amazing and I use it all the time. I've found both CZ and M24 snipers and walked right past them cause I had no backpack space and I wont drop my 'chester.

Accurate, reliable, plentiful ammo, 15 round clips so dont need to waste inventory slots like double-barrel and 5-shot clips on snipers.

The ironsight is nice and clean making it easy to find and track targets.

Its pretty quiet, but the noise does lie to you. It makes less noise than an M1911 in your speakers, but Zeds will hear your winchester further out than they hear your pistol. But, with 15 shots and easy to find more ammo you can just smoke the zeds and move on.

I always shoot all the zeds around deer stands and lonely barns when I have winchester. It means less sneaking around, less risk and less exposure time, which means better chance of survival.

By RageCake on 2012/12/02 at 7:16am

This is my most favorite gun of all of the guns i have had (M4 Variants M4A3 M16 AK Variants M24 M1017 etc.) This gun is very reliable and good for every player.

By Creedo on 2012/11/17 at 8:12am

By far one of the best weapons in the game for newbs and Prostars├'┬« alike. As stated in previous comments, it is a 1 shot kill for Z's, has decent range and accuracy, and hold a whopping 15 rounds. I would like to see it re-designed with proper category as a rifle and appropriate ammo.

By BusDriver13 on 2012/10/05 at 10:19pm

Most favourite weapon for starters! Its quiet kills Z's with one shot and when youre aming good you can kill a player.

By corey on 2012/09/15 at 8:35pm

At this moment i have ghillie suite, cars , as50's, l85's and My trusty Winchester. I use this gun more that any gun it game:)

By Ex7remeGamer on 2012/09/05 at 7:24am

This is the gun I most use in DayZ, I had good weapons, such as a M4 CCO SD, and AS50's... but I never drop my Winchester, It is around 2/3 shots to kill, but normally it knocks down the target at the first it, 1 hit on zeds, and in my opinion, looks extremely good.

Edited by Ex7remeGamer on 2012/09/05
By jokerzhe on 2012/09/02 at 10:51am

Fun gun to run around elektro with, and to hunt with, but had to shoot a guy twice to down him :/, by then I was hurt badly but he was dead

By Thaua on 2012/08/16 at 5:45pm

It pains me to drop this one for an AK or AR-15 type. Such a reliable gun, just don't trust it for PVP. If wasn't for it's lack of effective range... Still my personal favorite.

It is a lever action repeater rifle, the AS50 and M107 are anti materiel rifles, M14 and FAL are battle rifles, and the dinner bell is a bolt action repeater rifle. No need to adress those misconceptions, the wiki is more organized the way it is. Still, this one doesn't fit in shotguns (was a misconception, early in the game it had pellet ammo. perhaps rocket confused it as a shotgun due to the design), but either fit in any other category. As the wiki says, shut up and eat your candy.

By Highspeed on 2012/08/12 at 11:39am

By FAR my favorite gun to start off with, it's the gun I go for when I first spawn in, after dying. Kills zombies in 1 shot, and its ammo is REALLY common. Being somewhat silent, and accurate, makes it a really good gun for shooting chasing zombies in towns or just out of towns.

//edit: Forgot to mention that the Winchester and the Enfield are complete opposites, Enfield is loud, long range, and is perfect for player killing, Winchester is somewhat silent, close range, and great for zombie killing

Knowing this you might want to consider your choices, if you want to PK in the outskirts of the cities alot, or want to scavenge and survive in the woods.

Edited by Highspeed on 2012/08/12
By Predator on 2013/01/12 at 9:38am

How to survive Dayz 1: Steal a car 2: Kill any zombies around it. 3: Rescue Friend(optional) 4: Drive to the NW barracks and get the loot 5: Go to a barn, have a nice can of mountain dew and wait for all of this to blow over.

By SatiX on 2012/07/11 at 1:18am

4499 dmg/per hit


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