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Wood Pile

Wood piles are used by right clicking on a Box of Matches in your toolbelt to create a Fireplace, which allows you to cook Raw Meat and raise the body temperature of all nearby players. While they can be looted from farm and residential buildings, it is often more efficient to harvest the wood as needed by using a Hatchet rather than carrying it around.

Crafting recipes

Bear Trap (Flare) Bear Trap (Smoke) Tripwire (Can) Tripwire (Flare) Tripwire (Grenade) Tripwire (Smoke)
By Nate on 2013/02/10 at 4:54am

Fireplaces last 10m 15s and then they burn out.

By Shadow-Slayer on 2013/04/23 at 1:11am

I believe that if you put more wood pile(s) in the gear (8 slots) it will use it up and last longer. (that's what I think anyway, because it stats with 1 wood pile in it).

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