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DayZ standalone introduces much more complicated hunger and thirst mechanics compared to the mod. Instead of your hunger and thirst being satisfied as soon as you eat or drink anything, each type of food and drink restores varying amounts of energy and can add or remove water. Additionally, your stomach can only hold a limited amount of food and water.

More Information

This guide was written very early on. Much more information about hunger and thirst is available in our Status Effects guide, as well as information about other effects in the game.


When you eat a box of cereal, it restores around 1000 energy, and drains 250 water. Eating sardines only restores 333 energy, but adds close to 100 water. Drinking a can of soda restores a bit less than 150 energy and adds over 300 water, while drinking from a canteen doesn't give any energy, but adds 1000 water.


When you have less than 100 energy, you start losing health and blood. However, when you have a ton of energy and plenty of water (3500 and 3000 respectively), you start regenerating blood. Once your blood is refilled, you regenerate health instead.

Dehydration is much more dangerous than starvation: you lose five times as much health and twice as much blood. Once you accumulate a water deficit, it can be difficult to recover from it if you wait too long.

Status Messages

While they don't tell you exactly what's going on with your character, the status messages that pop up can still help you figure out what you need to get yourself healthy again. Keep in mind that there are other effects that share some of the same messages, so this is by no means a conclusive way of diagnosing yourself.


When you're hungry, you see the following messages:<br> "My stomach grumbles" "I'm feeling hungry" "I want to eat something" "I feel hungry"

When you're very hungry, you see these messages:<br> "I'm extremely hungry" "My stomach grumbled violently" "I'm starving"

When you're starving, you see:<br> "I'm dying of starvation"


When you're thirsty, you see these messages:<br> "I feel thirsty" "I'm thirsty" "I need a drink" "I feel like having a drink" "I want to drink something"

When you're dehydrated, you see:<br> "I really need to drink"

When you're badly dehydrated, you see:<br> "I'm dying of dehydration"</td></tr>

Being Stuffed

You can also eat and drink too much and overfill your stomach. Once you see these messages, if you keep eating or drinking, you're probably going to end up vomiting:<br> "My stomach feels absolutely stuffed" "I feel over-fed" "My stomach feels much more full then it's normal"

If you get to the point that you see these messages, vomiting is almost guaranteed:<br> "I am close to vomiting" "I think I'm going to vomit..." "I'm going to vomit..."

By Patwor on 2013/12/18 at 5:47pm

Is there a way to view your energy/water in numbers ?

By alayton on 2013/12/18 at 6:12pm

Not currently, no. There is an indicator in your inventory screen that says if you're hungry, thirsty, or sick now, though.

By enve on 2013/12/18 at 6:19pm

with the update of 0.29.113822 they added hunger and thirst icons in the inventory next to your player, green=great, red=oh fucking shit, im going to die

By the-palleh on 2013/12/18 at 7:27pm

Are these stats based on a single use or the entire 100% of the container?

By nightlight on 2013/12/20 at 12:24am

This is great to know. Hope they add on screen numerical descriptors of these things in future updates, similar to the HUD in the mod.

By CQI on 2013/12/20 at 3:32am

I dont want they add on screen numerical descriptors of these things in future updates ,,,,,,,,,, Because it is like real life .... only u know that u are hungry or thirsty when your body need it !!!

I love this game :) and i hope they do all the ideas that proposed to do !!

By Maroite on 2013/12/24 at 1:55am

Wouldn't having on screen indicators (not necessarily numerical) be more realistic than your character yelling out status effects at you? I mean I usually dont give myself play by play updates on how I feel. To me that feels almost less realistic than an on screen indicator.

By PsychoDad on 2013/12/25 at 6:40am

Sure Maroite, cause u're walking by the street and think: "Hmmm... now i'm 90% hungry... ok, I just gonna wait till it drop to 20%"... SO realistic.

By Sokonomi on 2013/12/29 at 11:01am

You shouldn't think of the messages as being said out loud. Its more like a voice in your head.

And were talking about realism, but ever thought about where all the eaten food goes? o_o Basically everyone is running around in an infinite nappy. Id like to see all bodily functions in the game ("I need to take a leak","I need to take a dump."), forcing a group to go on a tinklebreak (or risk ruined pants and everything in it), but that's likely to run into some issues when people start running around with their willy flopping in the wind.

By Isgrimnir on 2013/12/29 at 12:05pm

I do not need numbers on screen, but some form of visual indicator would be nice. I mean, I know when I am sated to the point I can neat no more, and from that point on I also feel when I could eat another bite, feel peckish, feel hungry, am starving.. The problem I see at this point is that no message does not mean you are full yet.. So the whole experience it tilted. Maybe it is intended that way. It would also help if they would spread out the messages more. "I could eat a bit" means that if you take part of a can, or part of a cereal box, you are back at being full. "I am hungry" needs a whole can or a whole box, "I am starving" needs multiple boxes or cans. And the same counts for thirst.

By JohhnyDamage on 2013/12/29 at 5:25pm

No matter how much I eat my screen is always grey and I'm always hungry. It is infuriating.

By Volitile on 2013/12/30 at 1:03am

since the last patch does blood still regen if you are healthy, I thought i seen the changelog say blood now doesn't regen on it's own ?

By biggx01 on 2013/12/31 at 7:40am

I dont get the "realistic" concept that people talk about on this "game" lol... ok realistic is nice ...agreed, but dont forget its a game and since we dont feel whats going on in this game there has to be a more convenient and accurate way to monitor our health. Make the indicators on screen for people who want them and allow the people that dont want it to disable them. Everyone happy. I myself would like something on screen like the mod. When you are new to the game and learning how long you can go trying to find what you need and how you abuse the character or gets abused by the eenvironment its easier to learn the limits when there is something (indicators) to keep an eye on. Not everyone in the game knows it as well as many others playing. We dont know the map, best places to look, best way to stay out of trouble, or have groups, clans, and in my case a friend that plays this game to help me. Dont forget the noobs vetrans lol

By [unknown] on 2014/01/01 at 12:34pm


I have found out that eating or drinking until the notifications ("i feel hungry", "i really need to drink", and the yellow/orange/red, indicator on your inventory screen) go away is not sufficient. Eating and drinking only until those notifications go away will only result in the problem returning shortly. If you continue to eat or drink until the point where you get a message saying something like "my stomach is full" then you will have a very long time before you have to deal with hunger/thirst again. Basically, if you are only eating and drinking enough to get rid of notifications, its not enough and you will be hungry again soon. Don't save up your food and water in your bags until your character is full (this will also save bag space as well), eat it... unless you're already getting messages saying that you're full. This allows you to play the game in a less "oh crap i need food/water" way. since you can actually travel much farther and much much longer without worry when you have a full stomach.

Also, not 100% on this but maybe someone can confirm.. but i don't believe health/blood begins to regen until you are full. meaning that if your color isn't returning after losing blood, maybe you are not eating/drinking enough.

This realization has helped my game experience be quite a bit less frustrating; finally being able to play, not worry about food & water every 2 minutes. Hope it helps.

By Knuckles on 2014/01/02 at 9:13pm

Instead of putting a indicator in the screen they could add something like a watch that could be seen just by pressing a key. It could have a heartbeat sensor that measures heart rate and could have some beeping signal if it gets too low that means your getting hungry and you need to eat. That beeping sound could be good or bad! It could be heard by other players and zombies near by leading them to your location if you don't eat something. Could have some other features like calorie and steps counters, a digital compass. This watch could be powered by a cell battery or like a watch i have that's charges by just staying under the sunlight. This could be given to the player in the beginning or it could be found in the game. For measuring the thirst i don't know about anything that can measure it. But if someone knows... This way it doesn't compromise the realism of the game...some other things could be added like a little tent made of raincoats and some rope tied to a tree to protect you from the rain...and other things like that. Sorry if my English is too bad. I'm a little rusty xD!

By vardant on 2014/01/05 at 11:50pm

@Knuckles pinching the top of your wrist to test the elasticity is one way of seeing how dehydrated you are. I do like the step counter that would be kinda cool but the other stuff not so much.

By BaconAniimal on 2014/01/10 at 12:19pm

I'm sick from drinking too much at a water fountain. I wasn't sure how much I was suppose to drink so I drank and I vomited twice. But that was a few days ago. I was then told to wait until my character was about to die from dehydration and I did, nut I ended up drinking again as I didn't want to risk loosing my character. Another thing is my sickness has always stayed on green and I have only vomited the two times straight after over drinking. Is this a glitch? Or do I have to let my thirst go to as low as it can?

By Ejayshun on 2014/01/15 at 5:38pm

You have to keep an eye out on the bottom left corner it'll say "I'm full" or "I'm stuffed" when you drink a lot of water.

By crisps on 2014/02/01 at 8:50am

but how will you know if you are hungry or thirsty or dying if you have nothing showing

By crisps on 2014/02/01 at 8:56am

I play and I'm Brazilian Brazil has no language, helps


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