Survival 101: A DayZ Guide by CagedData at Aug 24, 2014 12:59pm

You must be interested in learning the ultimate survival tactics when it comes to the post apocalyptic wasteland.

Before we get started, let me brief you over the warzone you're walking into. We are stationed in a fairly remote province in mother Russia called Chernarus. Our forces at this base has been depleted to the point of no return. We are calling upon you and other survivors out there to fight back the horde of zombies and work together to rebuild our home. Upon being dropped in, you will find yourself short of supplies. These can be retrieved from nearby cities. Remember staying well fed and hydrated is the key to survival.

Unfortunately we cannot arm you either, you're on your own out there survivor. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, find yourself a crowbar, splitting axe, or machete as they are ideal melee wepaons and can be used to open canned food. As for firearms. Well let's just say they exist but much more difficult to find, then you need to secure the ammo for that weapon.

Early on, you should push to find new and better gear, the ideal look would be to blend in. Something camo or black depending on your enviroment. Gear can also be used to maximize carrying capacity, this is a bonus as you will need to pack for the long journey between each city or town. Look for backpacks as they provide the most space, but beware the more color you have the easier to spot from a distance.

You will want to remain hidden in the cover of trees and bushes, this will allow you to make your move cautiously and when you're ready. Not out of surprise. Above all, stay safe.

You'll find both friendly and hostiles in the area so be careful and confirm before approaching others. Know the situation before acting.

We're nearly there so I'm cutting it short here. Look at this paper, a list of my suggested gear to look our for. I cannot allow you to take this list with you else the base locations and weapon stashes could be compromised if they haven't already.


SNIPERS: Rifles like the Mosin Nagant are a bit more rare but are worth the find when you come across it. Remember to look out for an (LRS) Long Range Scope that will help keep you at a safer distance when taking hostiles out.

SHOTGUNS: There are a few variations out there but a shotgun is reliable in any CQ situation. Not to mention if you manage to find a hacksaw you can make a sawed-off and put that puppy in your bag for later use. Ammo for these weapons can be found in houses, military compounds, etc.

ASSAULT RIFLES: The beauty of these weapons would be the modification capability, with the ability to customize your own weapon one becomes attached to these firearms. A bond not easily broken. Pair that with the high fire rate and ammo capacity, you are feared when heard. The downside is the scarcity of ammo and attachments.

SIDEARMS: Sometimes forgotten or left behind due to the extra carry space required. Don't underestimate the importance of your pistol. It just might save your life, just don't make this a go-to weapon.These firearms provide protection but are not suited for medium range fights. If you're lucky maybe you can find a military grade automatic like the mp5. Keep in mind, stealth is the key here so you might choose to go with a more silent approach like the Amphibia-S, a lightweight silenced pistol chambered with .22 rounds, ideal for taking out pesky zombies without alerting anyone in the vacinity.

MELEE: Your basic survival tool, can be used against zombies and unsuspecting survivors. They range from baseball bats to fire axes. You'll want to keep one at all times. Preferrably an axe as it has many uses.


CLOTHING: Something camo or green. Enough said. Make sure you can stay hidden and everything will be alright.

BACKPACKS: You'll find an assortment in towns and military zones, my suggestion. Stay away from Mountain Backpacks as they are bulky hindering your vision and highly visible at long distances, this puts a target on your back. Go for a bag that suits your tastes, but the hunting backpack is the way to go. It provides enough space and has a more hidden friendly color.

FLASHLIGHTS: These useful tools can be attached to weapons or held alone. They can be your guide in the dark, but beware. When used they make you stand out like a beacon. Last thing you want is a crazy murderer chasing you in the dark. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
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By Mcghoulberry on 2014/11/05 at 6:26am

I don't see why you don't spawn with a bag I mean you would think to get a bag since there everywhere like a shopping bag or a school backpack or something like that and why there isn't any random loot next to destroyed cars and has it been 5 months 1 day what because if it was 1 day then yah I can see not having any loot but if it was like 1 month then I would expect more loot then what you spawn with


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