Looting Buildings: Military by Surtur at Jan 2, 2014 9:10pm

You know how it is, you know how it feels, walking into a building and BANG! You are dead, in this guide i will learn you to loot buildings.


Alright, before entering a barrack, i always go outside, and check the windows for other players or zombies, If you see a player, i would recommend you, to try to sneak into the bathroom, and close the door. Ok, now you are in the bathroom, go into the shower and peek at the side to get as much cover as possible. When the player walks in, you can either shoot him or, communicate with him. If the player walks in the door, and you fire at him, and he escapes, it is going to be a waiting game.

If you see no player, go in with caution and loot every room, and make sure to look under the beds, and on top of the lockers.


When looting prisons, look through the windows, from the outside, to spot players or zombies. If you see any players, wait downstairs in the prison or outside. When you are clear to go in, make sure to look in the cell, under the stairs and on the second floor. If looting in a group, have a guy guard the stairs. A good tip, is to close the doors you aren't going through, to minimize the chance of getting sniped.


In hangars, you wanna be quick, because you are very easy to hit, so make sure it is safe to go in, and then check for loot. Loot mostly spawns in the corners, or in the middle of the floor.

Fire stations

Before entering a fire station, look in the tower for players, and listen for footsteps, before entering.

It is a good idea to enter from the back door, to keep a low profile. When you are in, check the floor and the shelves. And before going up the stairs, listen again for footsteps. When you are sure it is clear go up. And if you are playing on a server, with 3rd person view available, use it to check, before going up the stairs and around corners.

Control towers / Radar stations

Start looking for players up in the tower, when you are clear you can go in. Before going up the stairs, stop and listen! Footsteps is a good way to know, if there is a player around the corner, or upstairs. If you wanna risk going up in the tower, you should make sure, that there is no snipers watching you. You can scan through a little window on the second floor. When you are up in the tower, you gotta be quick, and if you are feeling lucky, you can check outside on the balcony, or even climb up the ladder to the top.

Military tents

I donĀ“t have much to tell about military tents. All you gotta do, is to make sure nobody is in there, and then loot it quickly.

That was the most general stuff to know, before looting military spawns. If you have any corrections, ideas or techniques. Feel free to share them in the comment section. (Sorry for my bad english i'm from Denmark :)

By buzzooo2 on 2014/01/03 at 10:06am

Thanks for the great tips! Me and my friend are about to go to Balota and this helped out a lot.

By Wulffman on 2014/01/04 at 9:21am

Thanks alot for the good advice! This helped alot. you should do some more tutorials!

By Surtur on 2014/01/04 at 9:22am

Thanks! I'm glad to help :)

By Pinx0 on 2014/01/07 at 12:22pm

About tents just saying that the ones with wooden floor have 0 loot currently.

By SGTPepper on 2014/02/20 at 2:14am

Since 2 last updates...no more loot in any tents

By mark117h on 2014/03/22 at 1:49am

Some really good and useful tips here mate +1 from me

By Kill3rCat on 2014/07/12 at 2:01pm

All tents now spawn loot, I believe.

By Schweinsteiger on 2014/08/10 at 3:32pm

I didn't find any loot in the tents with the wooden floors today, so I'm not sure if they spawn any loot or not. I'd bet no from my experience.


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