Blood Loss Prevention and Treatment by thegoldenfrog at Jan 7, 2014 2:25am

Identifying Blood Loss

So firstly you need to know what the symptoms of blood loss are. The easiest way to indicate blood loss and how badly it is, is simply by the color of your screen. The more blood you lose, the less color you see and it becomes gradually greyed. Another way to tell is blurred vision and reduced depth of field. The less blood you have, the blurrier you vision gets and it gets very hard to see further away. If your blood loss is very heavy, you may experience frequent passing out and you will need someone else to administer help to you. If it does not seem too bad, you will most likely regenerate health on your own without the need of any help.


Now that you know how to tell if you need blood or not, you need to know how to treat it which I will now cover. There are 3 ways to regenerate blood in DayZ the standalone game.

Naturally - Unfortunately this is the ONLY way that you can regain blood on your own. You just need to keep hydrated, and keep eating food. HOWEVER, DO NOT OVER EAT/OVER DRINK, THIS CAN LEAD TO SICKNESS WHICH IF NOT TREATED IS WORSE THAN BLOOD LOSS. Slowly, and when I say that I mean VERY slowly. If you're doing it right, every once in a while you will see a message in the bottom left in green giving you a status on your blood regeneration.

Blood Bag - [Warning] This requires 2 people so if you're going solo, sorry bud. First off, you need to know what blood type you are, and what blood type you are going to receive. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THEIR BLOOD TYPE!!! If you do not receive a blood type that you are compatible with, you will DIE! You can test your blood type with a blood test kit, they aren't that common but can be found in MIlitary Buildings (Barracks, Hangars, etc..) I will post a link to all the compatible blood types here. Blood Types

The other thing you will need for blood transfusions is an IV Starter Kit, and a blood bag. These can also be found in Military Buildings. Once you've found a match for blood types, you need to draw blood. Another player will need to put the empty blood bag and the IV Starter kit together. Then you will need to draw blood from the player who is healthy. It will not kill them by any means or draw so much that they have blurry vision, just a small color difference. Now that you have the bag of blood that will be transfused, you will need to give the blood bag to a player besides the one that is receiving the transfusion. Hold the bag in your hands and select the option to give the blood to the other player. This method is very long and strenuous and it only gives you about 20% of your max blood, basically if you have a bag of blood that works laying around and your friend is unconscious. Since it requires compatible blood types, is very hard to do, but none the less, its an option. The next option is very easy compared to this way.

Saline Bag -So if you read the last option all you need to do differently is have a saline bag which is always pre-filled and has no one that cannot receive it, and that is why its so easy compared to blood. If you did not read I'll put it in a nutshell for you. You need a IV Starter Kit and a saline bag. You need 2 people to do this so no lone wolfing this, sorry. Basically you put the saline, and the IV together and the player who does not need the saline must administer the saline to the injured player. If you do not understand how to do this, read through the blood option and just don't worry about blood types, or extracting blood from anyone. This is the best possible way to regain blood as it brings you to your max blood at 100% and saline bags are very easy to find, so are first aid kits.


Basically the general way to avoid blood loss is to avoid anything that will injure you. This could include a zombie/player hitting you, a player shooting you, falling from a distance but somehow surviving. To avoid falling make sure you click the down button on ladders, but they don't want to cooperate sometimes so just be patient. Avoiding players you don't know is a good way to avoid getting hit or shot by them. For zombies, either stay hidden enough not to agro them, or carry a weapon that will kill them (I'd suggest a firefighter's axe, it kills them in one hit and since it's a melee weapon, it won't attract any other zombies)

By Turble on 2014/01/08 at 8:24am

Excellent information. Thank you!

You might want to mention some basic emergency treatment options such as: Take off your shirt. Throw it on the ground. Tear it into rags and bandage yourself if no bandages are available. This works for some shirts, head wraps (bandannas), and other items as well... though I do not know if these carry any % of disease risks with the different rags or not.

On that note, can or should you use disinfectant spray on the bandages? and on your notes, will using the disinfectant spray on the IV Starter kit allow you to reuse it? I have not had the chance to use it yet, but the only thing I know about the spray so far is, don't drink it!

By digasro on 2014/01/10 at 5:36pm

i dont advice using rags to bandage wounds, of if you do make sure you have them dysinfected, with spray or alcohol tincture! when ever possible use bandages! use rags only to craft a splint! (RAG + STICK) if you have a broken leg this will allow you to walk again! other than that rags are nasty! unless you are out of options. but good luck when you have the infection and no way to cure it, as it is terminal!

By edtheman2 on 2014/01/16 at 10:29am

You're wrong about the blurriness and depth of field. Those indicate a loss of Health, not of Blood. The major differences are:

-Losing blood will make you unconscious, while losing Health will kill you' -If Energy and Thirst are at satisfactory levels, Blood will regenerate to full and THEN Health will start to regen until full. -Blood can be lost only through bleeding, dying of starvation, or dying of thirst, while health can be lost through sickness, vomiting, cold, being injured, dying of starvation, or dying of thirst.

To recap, a loss of saturation (greyness) indicates a lack of blood, which can be regenerated by eating and drinking plenty and not getting "hungry" or "thirsty" messages for long periods of time. Blurriness or depth-of-field issues are caused by low health, which can be regenerated the same way, but only after blood is already full.

I hope my comment can be of help in revising the guide! Otherwise, good post OP!

By Kill3rCat on 2014/07/12 at 2:10pm

Currently you CANNOT get sick from:

  • Over eating (you wouldn't get sick from this anyway...)
  • Using rags/bandages even if not disinfected
  • Drinking unpurified water from wells/ponds/canteens/water bottles
  • Being attacked by zombies
  • Blood transfusions from infected people
  • Sharing water/food with infected people

Currently, you CAN get sick from the following:

  • Eating rotten food
  • Eating uncooked/burned meat
  • Drinking disinfected spray (chemical poisoning) or alcohol tincture (light/medium food poisoning depending on luck)


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