Some survival tips for DayZ SA by YellowAlien at Jan 27, 2014 12:05am

I play DayZ as a Solo survival / stealth combat game. I head inland to gear up, then head out to help / defend the fresh meat and meet a few people. If I'm still alive after that I go pick a fight at the airfields. After that? Haha...

  1. Early game, when struggling for something to open tins, a splitting axe is much better than a fire axe. The splitting axe will ruin around 30% of the food; a fire axe will ruin around 70%

  2. Spray your rags with disinfectant before using them as bandages. There is a chance of infection if you use them without disinfecting them.

  3. Rags + sticks makes a splint; you can use this to fix a broken leg.

  4. Eat and drink everything you find until you are healthy, then save up a few bits of food. Once you are healthy just drinking every soda you find can be enough to keep you healthy, so you really can save the food for emergencies.

  5. There is a type of house that is just as good or even a bit better than a supermarket for food. It is 2/3 yellow, 1/3 brown. You quite often find one near to supermarkets!

  6. Military bases are - usually - less busy than the airfields if you are looking for military gear.

  7. Rice is the best food in the game - but make sure to have a drink when you eat it.

  8. Eat vitamins before eating food. It reduces the chance for food poisoning.

  9. Wear a motorcycle helmet when your blood is low! It will stop zombie hits knocking you unconscious through susceptibility to shock when you have low blood.

  10. If you have post processing turned on, the amount of blurring around your screen indicates how healthy you are.

  11. Turning clouds up to high at night time makes the screen much brighter.

  12. Not all of the road signs are correct!

  13. Some barns appear to have grass growing across the floor. This is a bug with Alpha; But until they fix it it is worth opening your inventory and running through the grass. You will often see items in your vicinity that the grass is hiding.

  14. An Eppy pen will revive you if you are unconscious due to shock - NOT blood-loss!.

  15. The lower your blood, the easier it is to be knocked unconscious because of shock.

  16. A Defib will revive you if you are unconscious due to blood-loss - NOT Shock!.

  17. Travelling along roads is a bad idea. Instead, try to look at the forests on the map as your routes around Chernarus.

  18. Try to pick clothing that results in a camouflage look. Avoid bright colours, and keep your fire axe in your backpack - you can still access it via hotkey when its needed.

  19. Don't carry what you don't need - you don't need a huge green mountain pack to maintain a good level of kit. Try and use the smaller, but better camouflaged and silhouetted hunter packs.

  20. Learn the zombie attack pattern, and practise head-shot punches. Head shot punches will likely get changed though, so be aware!

  21. The 'high street shops' (I call them) can be a less often looted place than the supermarket in a town. - A row of buildings you find along what could be the main-street in many towns. You can recognise them easily if you see a half open blue garage door in a row of shop-like buildings.

  22. While you are getting used to Chernarus, finding a compass and the dayzdb Chernarus+ map are your best friends. Until you get a compass.. keep an eye on the time; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

By F3ARED on 2014/01/29 at 12:47pm

Also, Don't forget that you can run faster when you press 'Spacebar' so your in a fighting stance, Double taping your Forward walking button and now your running faster!

Remember, it makes sense to have a mic. It can be the difference to life and death! So grab a mic!

By H3R0 on 2014/03/25 at 9:32am

Great guide. only left out one thing(and i hate being the nit picker). But powdered milk is just as good as rice if not better(takes 1 slot in your bags and is 10 meals). Other than that spot on man.

By Tcreps on 2014/04/30 at 9:34am

Great info ! If I have a defibrillator will it "auto revive me" ?

By TheFlerffyBurr on 2015/04/05 at 12:47pm

No, another player needs to use it on you. So form a team with friends!


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