Hunger and Thirst in Standalone

by alayton at 1:11am

DayZ standalone introduces much more complicated hunger and thirst mechanics compared to the mod. For help understanding how the new system works, check out the guide we wrote to explain it!


By Teckademics on 2013/12/17 at 8:19am

Please make a separate section in equipment for alpha and stand alone :)

By sergioj on 2013/12/17 at 1:27pm

WOW, this is awesome to know!

By SwedishMeatBall on 2013/12/17 at 6:45pm

I have a problem where I've drunk tons of water and eaten tons of food, yet, I'm seemingly still seeing gray. Do I need to wait for a long time for my character to regenerate blood and health or what?

By JackSCRHarknes on 2013/12/20 at 7:47am

guys, I ask to be made ??a guide on how to use medical devices present in Standalone dayz.

Blood and blood groups, antibiotics, etc.

By Mr Stagger Lee on 2013/12/22 at 3:10am

If you guys have the problem of grey screan while low on blood this what i did and now my toon has a healthy message n not eat so much :) n not fall uconssus when tagged 1 dont just eat part of the can eat the whole thing maybe more you will get message on screan when full 2 drink to as some foods drain your water lvls same message appear 3 the system has been revamped in energy blood water there no way of telling how each are atm if low on energy your blood will not regenerate so TAKE YOUR TIME for a while rest n eat all time untill see those messages it not the old game when you can run 200k to get ya body back in fact there no reason to get loot back atm Love this game atm

By marhanen on 2013/12/23 at 11:54am

Dear SwedishMeatBall

i had the same problem found this video and it fixed my glitched screen i know it says for blurry but it fixed my grey color

By alfagamma81 on 2013/12/24 at 3:56pm

Yes, who cares about zeds walking through walls or frame per second in cherno - It's much more important to sort these kind of things out first.. "hey boy, dont you drink that soda, it's bad for your health okay"

By BillCosby on 2013/12/29 at 5:42pm

Billcosby109 here lookin for a friend lol

By Buddha on 2013/12/30 at 9:58am

I don't know if this has only been happening to me.. but resently my character that I have been using for like 8 hours or more, just dissapeared when I logged in and out!

  • Problem; Respawned without dying.
  • Cause; I have no clue.

I had no hunger or no thirst, I just logged out standing in a safe spot for like 10 minutes and then when I came back and logged in I was at the beach again. Before, I was close to the military base up northwest. Under the airstrip. I realy don't want this to happen again for me or for anyone else!

By Buddha on 2013/12/31 at 7:41am

new found problem! I had 2 Ammo boxes in my inventory and after a relogg one of them disapeared. I belive it was caused by the auto, "put every item as high as it can", inventory thingy after you log in.

By ItsDennis on 2014/01/01 at 5:26am

Today there was a new Update!

Copied from the Steam update-news

Change Log - 0.30.113925 Community Announcements - Hicks_206 New:

Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing) Server: Enhanced Server-side security & customization options Design: .357 Magnum Speedloader should now spawn Server: First Person only servers are now supported (Seperate Hive coming later on)


Design: Player corpses should no longer despawn upon disconnect Server: Respawning should now function properly - in some cases you may have to wait a few seconds. (during high death/respawn times) Design: 357 Magnum spawning fixed

By Daemon on 2014/01/02 at 7:02am

Food & Drink You should eat & drink till the Notifications in your inventory go away completely (not green) and then another 2-3 times. This will allow you to go without getting the needs every 2min for up to 1hr. Pro tip, use the well/pond till you get the message: i am full / feel stuffed. (do not overdo it because you will vomit if you continue after getting the message, which leaves you with red food&water bar) btw you get the same message from using Wells as you get from using Ponds, so there is no penalty for using whatever tiny puddle you come across.

Blurry Screen Its a graphic bug, happens on both, AMD and Nvidia cards. To fix it: press Escape, go into the Graphic menu and then back into the game. Annoying but at least easy to fix.

Grey Screen seems to happen from getting sick, loosing blood. Full energy and water does not fix it, at least for me it did not the trick. Solution: get a Blood Infusion or even better atm get a Saline Infusion. (atm Blood only gives 1000 Blood points, Saline gives 4000.)

Sickness Does not seem to be implemented, If it is it does not work, using drugs to cure yourself, only makes you sick. I have gone without any cleaning of water, no applying of alcohol on wounds, no desinfection of rags etc for days without ever catching a Sickness.

By ItsDennis on 2014/01/02 at 9:52am

I got sick from a rotten apple. So it's definitely implemented.

Edited by ItsDennis on 2014/01/02
By Ten24-SweepNClear on 2014/01/02 at 8:54pm

Invisible zombie bug. Killed by a construction site. Buddy tried to use the Defib on me, but kept getting hit by the invisible zombie.

By BLTZ71 on 2014/01/11 at 6:36pm

Ok need to fix spawn in and every things gone. Meaning character RESET, members in clan are getting upset and going to play Rust. When are we going to have an update. Thanks

By BLTZ71 on 2014/01/12 at 12:29am

Server was lagging last night and couldn't see each other and some players not able to switch to items in back pack.

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